Database Systems – 2015/16

ECOM 4313


Instructor: Dipl.-Ing. Abdelnasser Abdelhadi

Office: I516

Phone: 1049





Fundamentals of Database Systems 7th Edition, R. Elmasri and S.B. Navathe, Pearson 2015



Reference Books:

Silberschatz, H. Korth and S. Sudarshan, Database System Concepts, 5th edition, Mcgraw Hill, 2005.

R. Ramakrishnan, and Johannes Gehrke, Database Management Systems, 3rd edition, WCB McGraw Hill, 2003.

Garcia-Molina, J. D. Ullman, J. Widom, Database Systems: the Complete Book, Prentice Hall, 2002.

Michael V. Mannino: Database Design, Application Development, And Administration, 3rd Edition, McGraw-Hill/Irwin



The objective of this course is to give an advanced introduction to the concepts for modeling, designing, querying and managing large databases. The course covers a spectrum of topics involved with current approaches to modeling and design of databases and the design of Data Base Management Systems (DBMSs) to manage databases. The relational model is emphasized and relational database management systems are addressed from the standpoint of languages, query optimization, database security, transaction management, concurrency control, and recovery.

A basic knowledge of programming languages, files, and the application development process is assumed.


Course Outlines:

  • Basic concepts – data independence, 3 level database architecture, database system components
  • Conceptual database level – Entity-Relationship Model
  • Relational Data Model: Introduction, Algebra and Calculus
  • SQL Query Language
  • Mapping from ER Model to Relational Model 
  • Relational database design – Normal Forms, Functional Dependencies
  • Database Design, UML



  • Disscusion 10 %
  • Class Activities 10 %
  • Midterm 30 %
  • Final 50 %