08.2015 – 08.2016  Islamic University Gaza

    Position:  Vice Dean of  Quality and Development for Information Technology
                         IUG Chief Information Officer

 09.2013 – 08.2015  Islamic University Gaza – Faculty of Engineering

    Position: Director of the Research and Projects Center (RPC)


09.2012 – 08.2013  Islamic University Gaza – Department of Computer Engineering

    Position: Head of the Computer Engineering Department


09.06 – present     Islamic University Gaza – Department of Computer Engineering

    Position: Lecturer

  • Computer Programming I & II (Java)
  • Software Engineering
  • Data Base Systems
  • Advanced Internet Technology
  • Computer Programming (C++)
  • Discrete Mathematic for Computer Science

    Position: Projects Supervisor

  •    Several students graduating projects 

    Position: Head of the External Relations Committee and Science Committee


09.05 – 07.06     Islamic University Gaza / Continua's Education

Position: Trainer for the following courses

  • Developing Desktop Applications in Java                                               
  • Developing Database Applications in Java
  • Distributed Applications and J2EE                                                                 
  • Building Web Applications JSP-Servlets
  • XML and Web Services
  • Introduction to .Net Platform
  • Developing Applications in VisaulBasic.Net
  • Data Modeling and System Analyses and Design


Project: Development of a control and a monitoring system for satellite base stations

    Position: System and Software Engineer

  • Specification and implementation of an autonomic redundant components switshing  system for satellite base stations
  • Development of device drivers using special communication protocols
  • Development of agents that evaluate the status of the system components
  • Specification and implementation of Server-Agents to communicate with the Java Interfaces
  • Administration of the system variables and source code
  • Documentation
  • Integration tests

Skills: Java, C++, XML, EJB, JSP, JDBC,  UML, Visual Studio.Net, Rational Rose, JBuilder 


Project: Expert evaluation and System Analysis of a Lotus Notes Communication System

    Position: Consultant – System Analyst

  • Evaluating the system on performance, usability, faultlessly, and productivity
  • Analysis of the user interfaces
  • Code analysis
  • Database analysis
  • User interviewing
  • Delivering of an expert report

Skills: Lotus Notes, Lotus Domino Server, Visio, MS Word


Project: Re-engineering and expansion of an Access application

    Position: System Analyst

  • Re-engineering and expanding the application 
  • Data Base tuning, and performance optimization. 

Skills: MS Access, MS Excel, VBA, SQL, Windows NT 


Project: Development of an E-Commerce trading center

    Position: Project Manager and Software Developer

  • Internet orders processing system
  • Telephone orders processing system
  • Customers management system
  • Suppliers management system
  • Prices and Profit calculation system
  • Warehouse management system
  • Automatic mailing system

Skills: Visual C++, ORACLE, PL/SQL, DCOM, ATL,  Windows NT, Netware, Source Safe


Project: Development of a control system for full automatic manufacturing of prefabricated masonry.

    Position: Control System Engineer and Team Head

  • Control software Database supported
  • Graphical process monitoring
  • Graphical user interface
  • Operators profiles management
  • Excluding of possible operation mistakes
  • Offline processing (simulation of the process on the screen)
  • Restoration of the process status in case of shutdown or a crash
  • Statistical evaluation and archiving
  • Documentation
  • User training and hotline support
  • Remote process supervision

Skills: Visual C++, MFC, Visual Studio, VB 5, ADO, ODBC, ORACLE, PL/SQL,


Project: Development of a mobile service orders management system

    Position: Software Developer

  • Design and implementation of a mobile local database
  • Graphical user interface
  • Transactions with the server database
  • Orders reception and distribution in the service center
  • Continuous updating of the mobile database
  • User training and online support

Skills: C++, Visual dBase, ORACLE, PL/SQL, HPUX, Windows NT


Project: Development of a service and customer care Information System

    Position: Software Developer

  • Development of a document management system
  • Converting of firm documentations from paper and different document formats to HTML
  • Building of full-text database
  • Automatic integration of new service reports into the database
  • Accessibility via Intranet and Internet

Skills: C++, Visual Basic, HTML, HPUX, Verity Topic, Windows NT, MS Office, OCR Software, Graphic Conversion tools


Project: Diverse projects in the area of Water Economy and Energy-Supply.

    Position: Software Developer

  • Development of programs for the processing, evaluation and representation of rain flow level and flow measurements. Analyses and statistics over the possible usable energy

Skills: C/C++, VBA, dBase, MS Office, Harvard Graphics, VMS, Win3.1 


Project: Identification of dynamic processes using parameters estimation, Least Square Error Analysis

    Position: Researcher