Google Android

“Android – Imagination is the limit”

The idea of the Android Platform was and still is amazing and is of course attracting more and more programmers every day. Especially the open architecture based on Intents and the possibility to replace even the Home-application grant a really large amount of flexibility to the whole platform.
At a high level, this Report is about writing mobile applications for devices that support the Android Platform. Specifically, the Report teaches you how to write applications using the Android SDK.

Who This Book Is For

This book is for software developers interested in writing mobile applications with the Android SDK. Because Android is a fairly new technology, anyone interested in building mobile applications using the Java™ platform will also benefit from this book. In addition, software architects and business-development professionals can use this book to get an understanding of the Android Platform’s capabilities. What This Book Covers

Chapter 1: Introducing the Android

This chapter introduces you to the Android and its History.

Chapter 2: Android Platform

Here we cover several fundamental subjects of the Android Platform and what are the contents of this platform, and then explain widely about each layer.

Chapter 3: Android SDK

In this chapter, we explain what is the Android SDK and its categories; also we show you how to set up a development environment for Android programming. We then walk you through many helping tools used for android. We also cover the application lifecycle and familiarize you with some debugging tools.

Chapter 4: Application Programming Interface

The API, or application programming interface, is the core of the Android SDK, an APIs a collection of functions, methods, properties, classes, and libraries that is used by application developers to create programs that work on specific platforms. The Android API contains all the specific information that you need to create applications that can work on and interact with an Android-based.

Chapter 5: Application Programming Interface

In this chapter, we begin by discussing the general philosophy of UI development in Android; we then walk you through a basic application and introduce you to some of the Android components. we’ll describe basic Android UI elements and discover how to use Views and ViewGroups to create functional and intuitive User Interfaces for your Activities. I will also discuss layout managers and view adapters.