People Counting System

Project Team

  • Azza Elhayek
  • Reem Elyazjy
  •  Enas Qandeel
  • Ahlam Shamaly                                    



  • Dipl.-Ing. Abdelnaser Abdelhadi


In today’s global community, things are constantly changing: people are on the move, technology is advancing, and human patterns differ from day to day. Because many organizations and many managers want to evaluate their work by making comparisons and statistics on number of people who visits their centers and interested to their products, People Counting System has been born.

People Counter enables the managers to understand and to anticipate the patterns of their passengers; whether it be a matter of assigning additional staff to accommodate the rush hour traffic or if  they  have to change the services they provide to the customer, and even this system tells the managers if their advertising campaign was successful or not and what the steps to make it better.

This system has five steps to give the user his wanted function: Collect the data from the gate using reliable sensors, process data coming from sensors and analyze it , transfer it to the computer , and receiving it to make different  tasks such as reports and statistics, finally transfer feedback signals to the gate to enable controlling it. These steps explain how dose the system work.

Description Of The Project:       

It is noticeable in public occasions there are many crowds sharing these events, and this may cause a problem if the place is not big enough for all of the coming people, so organizers make the best to treat this thing.

Also some galleries, libraries, and malls that show many products need to know if people like their sales and how many persons came to visit them, to make statistics for annual budgets , they need to count the customers visiting them. 

Our project is similar solution for counting people using smart gate . This  smart gate that counts people who pass through it from both directions, it will count people and send the result to a central computer that may send instructions for the gate side.

Counting people will be very useful for different statistics that may be useful for making notes on a special events or products, and improving the offered services for the community.

In our project we can control the gate be adding any other circuit to make different tasks i.e. opening or closing the gate, adding any alarmed system on it for security, etc.

Goals And Objectives:

This project is important and it will be very helpful for its users because of the following:

  • Knowing number of persons those sharing a conference or workshop or even a special celebration inside a hall, may give impression for how many attend persons for this event, and it will show the result of  advertising campaign for this event.
  • The ability to control the gate according to the instructions that comes from the far computer, will give the opportunity to control number of people who go inside the place or outside it, this will help keeping place for every person.
  • Helping experts to make their statistics for number of people sharing an event, such as sport games in stadium in order to know size of popularity for a team, and so on.
  • Organizing registration halls and offices.
  • Saving databases for number of visitors in every event for interested people.


 People Counting Systems – INTRODUCTION


In today’s global community, things are constantly changing: people are on the move, technology is advancing, and human patterns differ from day to day.

Counting people in many business places is required for different purposes, it may evaluate and increase your compassing. Even today, a primary method for counting traffic involves hiring human auditors to stand and manually tally the number of visitors who pass by a certain location. But human based data collection comes at great expense. Consequently, ongoing traffic measurement has been cost-prohibitive for most retailers. This is no longer the case.

Many countries nowadays depend on the People Counting System in different applications. In this chapter we will talk about People Counting System, its usage, importance, types, and productive companies in the world.


1.1 What Is People Counting System?

People counting is simply the measurement of the visitor traffic that flows into and around retail stores, malls, sporting venues, big halls, popular organization’s gates, public libraries, or wherever potential customers may be found. Counting visitor traffic will help maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of employees, advertising dollar, and sales potential of a business.

The use of people counting is not limited to the entry/exit point of a company’s business, but has a wide range of applications that provide information to management on the volume and flow of people throughout a location.

This system became popular because of its importance in business world, several distinct patterns of counting system have been found, such as people counting system for vehicles, and  for buildings (malls, halls, galleries,…), these systems do not use the same technology even though it has the same goal. Some depend on photo-sensors for direct  counting , others use Inferred sensors or thermal sensors. Also there are systems use wireless techniques for transferring data, in other hand there is wired technology. Companies which produce Counting Systems choose the suitable method to build its design which meets the company potentials.

This new technology, allows the means to measure, analyze, and report customer traffic at an affordable price not possible before now. The accuracy, reliability, and understanding of factors that affect counting using new technologies are well known.

1.2 Who Uses People Counting System?

People Counting can provide a unique insight into the movement of individuals. Currently, some of the industries using people counting solutions include:

  • Retail stores & chains.
  • Malls and shopping centers.
  • Colleges and universities.
  • Government libraries and recreational parks.
  • Events & exhibitions including fairs & sports arenas.
  • Museums and art galleries
  • Tourist and historical sites.
  • Transportation terminals .
  • Large halls for occasional events.

Nearly every place or entity may have slightly different information needs and use for measuring the volume, direction, and time of their people traffic.

For Retail Stores and Shopping Centers:


People counting can deliver the customer to sale ratio throughout the day in real-time, which allows a store to constantly track their performance and make any necessary changes as they are needed. Retailers can use people counting to measure the effectiveness of their marketing efforts.

People counting also helps managers staff efficiently. Knowing the traffic flow within a store at different hours of the day and even different times of the year makes it possible to be staffed appropriately at all times to improve customer care.

For Libraries and Art Galleries:


Libraries and galleries can use people counters for tracking inflow and internal traffic in order to better serve their visitors. By knowing which areas of the facility are most used, government funding can be justified and maximized by the provision of hard data.


For Transportations:

People Counter System allows to understand and anticipate the passenger flow of the transportation network. Whatever it is concerned, whether it is needed to know when extra vehicles are required to accommodate rush hour traffic; whether it is wanted to identify the most frequently used mode of transportation; whether it is wanted to verify that the passengers are purchasing tickets; or whether it must ensure an appropriate division of revenue amongst the various public transportation sectors.

In general this system is used in many countries, and achieved its aim in different places.

1.3 Importance Of  People Counting System:

The People Counter System does the wanted  work – passenger counting, data collection and processing, data display, even maintenance – so it can concentrate on more important things, like the passengers, their security & satisfaction. By using the system the following points will be achieved:

  • Determine the optimal ratio of visitors-to-staff for cost savings .
  • Improve the ratio of visitors-to-staff for improved customer care.
  • Increase Just-In-Time inventory efficiency.
  • Identify the optimal hours of operation Advertising effectiveness.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of external marketing efforts.


Return on Investment:

People counting provides unique information to make critical business decisions. Without accurate counting, management is guessing at the effectiveness of their sales and operations efforts. Research offers technically superior wireless counting systems, sophisticated traffic analysis software, and established people counting knowledge in order to provide the highest possible Return On Investment.

Why should you count visitors?

Determining Conversion Ratio:
Identify the true opportunities, and use best practices to improve on conversion. Even a one-half percent increase can mean hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional profit.

Advertising and Promotional Evaluations:
Instantly see traffic generated by advertising activities, and assess how to make the marketing communications more effective.

Staffing Optimization:
Evaluate staffing needs based on traffic.


Valuate and support leasing offers with hard data, clear down how many shoppers use a particular entrance on a given day.

1.4 Types of  Counting People System:


After searching for the companies that insure the counting system idea, we found many popular companies in this field such as:

  • INFODEV – Canada.
  • A & P Chambers ltd-Scotland.
  • SIDEP- France.
  • Eco-compteur- USA.
  • OTOT Electronics LTD- Israel.
  •  SenSource.
  • ACOREL – France.
  • Romasoft limited.
  •  Quantaflow
  •  Beonic – Australia
  • IRISYS .


Advanced people counting systems comprise hardware, which consists of sensors, loggers, computers, communication equipment, and software. There are three fundamental types of sensors available, each delivering different benefits and having different applications depending on the area (doorway) that needs to be monitored.

The following points will show the differences between popular companies use this system.


This Company’s system uses IR sensor or thermal sensor for counting people who pass through the gate, they dispose the used sensor either in two positions, vertical or horizontal according to sort of the place or the gate.

Then there is a data logger, its an electrical device with a memory to store the collected data and it saves data for long time ( months or years) depending on the used battery life. This  data logger analyses signals received from the counting sensors in real time, and then stores the results in memory. It also transfers data from the entrance to the office computer. INFODEV uses a data logger that stores data up to 3 years.

The last step after collecting and storing the data, is data transfer step. INFODEV company like any other company makes the best to give most suitable system for the clients in various environments, so they use sundry ways to transfer data, they may use wires to connect data logger with the computer, or wireless devices such as radio modems.

Finally, all the computer software program which offered by INFODEV can make different reports from the stored data, like traffic distribution reports.

Fig 1.1 People Counting System using wired network from INFODEV

Fig 1.2 People Counting System using wireless network from INFODEV


ECO Counter uses IR sensor or pressure sensor, although this company trying to make strong sensors resist the environmental and whether effects, the accuracy is +/- 5% .

Fig 1.3 IR sensor connected with its data logger from ECO COUNTER

The sensor sends the signal to the data logger. Their logger perform 5 functions: Retrieve the data from the sensors, supply sensors with power, store the data in memory, display the total number of passages, and restore the data to the PDA by infrared link. Loggers batteries limited to 10 years.

The data collector makes analyzing for coming data from the loggers then sends the result to the pc for making the analysis and reports. As shown in fig 1.4

Fig 1.4 ECO COUNTER system


3- Other Companies:

All the other companies that listed at the beginning of this section, works with the same scenario for their systems.

Some systems use wired Ethernet and others use wireless in order to transfer collected data. In wired system there is a network adapter connected with data logger which is connected with pc network adapter. On other hand in wireless system they use Wi-Fi or data collector or special wireless equipments instead of the network adapter to transfer data.