3D Weather TV Report


Project Team

  • Mohammed S. Abu Hatab                           
  • Ahmad F. Ewidah                                    
  • Munzer N. Shaheen 
  • Fady Z. Qudaih 



  • Dipl.-Ing. Abdelnaser Abdelhadi


The purpose of this project is to conquer real problems in our life which is represented by primitive deal with data communication in the local weather stations and the poor presentation of the weather bulletin in the local TVs. So we utilize all our knowledge and experience in Java and PHP programming, 3D designing and image processing to solve these problems.

This project is a qualitative jump in solving the communication problem between the weather stations themselves in  a side and between the weather stations and the TV in the another side. It is an episode in a chain to achieve the government’s plans in e-Government System.

1.1 Project Goals

Our goals are divided into two main parts:

  • To design and program a website with a database for the local weather station in Gaza and West bank for all information about weather state.
  • To produce 3D weather bulletin for the T.V using modern graphical and programming tools.  


1.2 Motivations

  • The modernity of project idea where no one do this idea before!
  • The traditional mechanism of the local weather station in having and accumulating the daily reading by using faxes to communicate between Gaza and West Bank which could be unacceptable through evolution of communication nowadays. So making a website will ease filling data and making statistics.
  • The weather is one of the most important aspects in our life but the weather information is not available for normal people in every time and in every place.
  • The weather bulletin that presented in the Palestinian TVs is sadly primitive and production cost of a weather bulletin is very high. We aim to give the audience of our TVs the best that they deserve.


 1.3 Getting started

 We needed to gather lots of information about some concepts and terms about weather and some maps of world and Palestine. So visited the weather station in Gaza with an official document from the engineering faculty if the Islamic university. The employees there we very kind and helpful and they showed us how work flows in the station.

 Also we visited the Palestinian TV to ask about what is the required data to produce a weather bulletin.  Actually and sadly our source of information about the weather is the weather bulletin that was presented in Arabic Channels such as Aljazeera and Ala’alam and also some websites that offer weather state services like wunderground.com.

 We had a suitable and high resolution map pictures from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).



5.2.3 Graphical output of Arab World 

Figure 5.23: Weather state of SHAM




 5.2.2 Tabular output of Palestine

Figure 5.19: Gaza City