Dear Android students you can suggest any project idea, within the level of the following 5 ideas, and the design to implement it in your proposals. The deadline for proposals is: Saturday 28/7/2012   Project 2 Ideas : 1-control images Continue reading

Project 1

Dear Androidists you can choose one of the following titles for your 1st project: (more titles should be added) 1. Painter 2. AnalogClock 3. AlertDialogTest with edit 4. Sweep: A rotating colorful circle. 5. ChartDrawer 6. Quiz program 7. Gallery  


  Mobile Computing Instructor: Dr. Aiman Abu Samra, Office: I516 Assistant: Eng. Nor Jaber Textbook: PROFESSIONAL Android™ 2 Application Development, Reto Meier, Wiley Publishing, Inc, 2010. Grading: 5  Attendance  25  Lab 50  Projects 20  Final Exam Course contents: CHAPTER 1 Continue reading syllabus