Research Activities

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Courses and  workshops attended;

-Work shop about Medical Professional Role in Detecting and Combating Torture, Al-MEZAN CENTER FOR HUMAN RIGHTS, 2011.

-Work shop about Epidemiological Surveillance and Outbreak Control, UNRWA, 2009.

-Participate in work shop in Palestine College of Nursing about the Nursing Diploma 2009.

-Work Shop about Needs Assessment Training, UNRWA, 2008.

-Work shop about Supervision Training HANAN project April. 2007.

– Work shop about Infection Prevention & control Training, HANAN project March. 2007.

– Work shop about Health Information System Training, HANAN project Feb                  . 2007.

– " Anti-natal care" Hanan project 2006

– "Management Information System" workshop. UNRWA 2003.

– Four days workshop" Immunization practices "Government 2003.


-Work shop about training of trainees in the expanded program of immunizations, 2000.

– Two separated weeks Workshop, " Family planning methods and counseling' 1997- 2001.UNRWA Gaza.

– Course three months participates in Introduction to Rehabilitation, 1996.

– Course three months participates in Emergency Medical care Nurses, 1996.



Participated in the researches conducted in the UNRWA in data collection in the level of clinics.

Participated in research about schizophrenia patients (Familial history) in Gaza Strip.

Published research addressed: Gestational Diabetes Mellitus in the UNRWA health clinics in Gaza Strip: Impact of Educational Program.





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