Soil Mechanics

سبتمبر 28th, 2014

The Islamic University of Gaza

Faculty of Engineering

Soil Mechanics  (ECIV 2311)

Instructor: Eng. Asmahan Jubeh Feb., 2010


Course Objectives


Soil Mechanics is the branch of science that deals with the study of the physical properties of soil and the behavior of soil masses subjected to various types of forces. This course is furnished to provide the civil engineering students with the basic which are considered as pre-requisites for many other courses in the civil engineering curriculum.   Among the main concepts that are covered in this course relations of soil physical and chemical properties to strength, visco-elastic property and pressure-volume relationships of soil systems, stress-strain characteristics of soil, environmental engineering applications of soil mechanics and field investigation methods.


Learning Outcomes


Knowledge of the basic properties of soil

Understanding mechanical behavior of soil materials

Knowledge of environmental engineering applications of soil mechanics; and

Familiarity with standard laboratory and field methods of soil analysis

Course Outline


Soil Deposits and Grain-Size Analysis

Weight-Volume Relationships

Soil Classification

Soil Compaction

Hydraulic Conductivity and Seepage

Stress in a Soil Mass


Shear Strength of Soil



Presentation Methodology:

Theoretical discussions of each new concept with limited number of examples are provided by the instructor.  This type of teaching is provided every 3 hours per week. Teaching assistant provides a 2 hours per week in which she conducts laboratory experiments an discussions type of teaching to solve pre-assigned homework problems.


Grading Policy

Assignments and Quizzes                      5%

Laboratory Work                                   15%

Midterm exam                                        25%

Final     exam                                           55%

Text Book:

Braja M. Das. 2008 (Third Edition). Fundamentals of Geotechnical Engineering; Thomson Learning; ISBN-10: 0-495-29572-8; and

Joseph E. Bowles. 1992. Engineering properties of soils and their measurement. McGraw-Hill. ISBN 0-07-911266-8.


Student with absences that exceed 25% will not be permitted to take the final exam.

Penalty will be assigned for late delivery. (Homework may not be accepted after deadline)