Computer Ethics

Course:  CSCI  4323

Instructor: Dr. Alaa El-Halees,  Room I313 Ext. 2952

email: alhalees@

Course Time:

Male: lecture SMW  10-11   Room: I117

Female: Lecture NT 12-1 Room: I103

Course Description:

The course concentrates on the theory and practice of computer ethics. The aim of the course is to study the basis for ethical decision-making and the methodology for reaching ethical decisions concerning computing matters.

Course Objective:

 To understand ethics related to information technology and how to make decisions based on given theories.


1)ETHICS IN INFORMATIONTECHNOLOGY, Fifth  Edition, George W. Reynolds

2) References

a) IT Ethics Handbook: Right and Wrong for IT Professionals. Stephen Northcutt

b) الخصوصية

c) الملكية الفكرية  

d) الجرائم الالكترونية


1)  Introduction to Computer Ethics         

2) Ethical Analysis

3) Privacy

4) Intellectual Property

5) Computer Abuse

6) IT Profession

7)  Multimedia and Web Design Profession

8) Ethics for   Multimedia and Web Design  


Mid term Exam:25%

Quizzes:  15%

Assignments: 15%

Final Exam: 45%


Important Notes:

According to university regulation absence of more than 25% of lectures will not allow entering the final exam.