Text Retrieval and Mining

Course: ICTS  6325

Instructor: Dr. Alaa El-Halees,  Ext. 2953

email: alhalees@ iugaza.edu.ps

Course Time:

Male: lecture  Sat 2:00-5:00   

Course Objectives: This course covers various text processing techniques.  Student will be able to understand basic and advanced techniques for text-based information systems.


 Book:  Mining Text Data / Aggarwal and Zhai


1) Python Text Processing with NLTK 2.0 Cookbook/ Jacob Perkins

2) An Introduction to Information Retrieval/   Christopher D. Manning

 3) Fundamentals of Predictive Text Mining/ Sholom M. Weiss

4) Text Mining Applications and Theory / Michael W. Berry

5) The Text Mining Handbook / Ronen Feldman

6)  Introduction to Arabic Natural Language Processing/

Nizar Y. Habash

Course Outline

1)  Introduction to Natural Language Processing.                  

2) Text Preparation

3) Text Representation

4) Information Retrieval

5) Information Extraction

6) Classification

7) Opinion Mining

8) Clustering

9) Summarization

10) Web Mining


Mid term Exam: 20%

3 Projects: 30%

Report 20%

Final Exam: 30%

Important Notes:

According to university regulation absence of more than 25% of lectures will not allowed to enter the final exam.