Software Quality Assurance

Course: ICTS  6314

Instructor: prof. Alaa El-Halees,  Ext. 2952

email: alhalees@


Course Time:

Female: Lecture M 2:00-5:00 Room: I608



1) Software Quality Assurance / Daniel Galin.

2) References

          a) Introduction to Software Quality, Gerard O’Regan

b) Software testing and continuous quality improvement / William

Lewis. ?? 3rd ed. 

c) Software testing and quality assurance / Kshirasagar Naik and Priyadarshi Tripathy.       

d) Software Quality Engineering/Jeff Tian

e) Software engineering quality practices / Ronald Kirk Kandt



1)  Introduction to Software Quality Assurance           

2) The components of the software quality assurance

3) Software Quality Assurance Plan

4) Testing Life cycle

5) Unit Test (White Box)

6) System Test (Black Box)

7) Web Testing

8) Quality Factors

9) Quality Standards


Mid term Exam: 20%

3 Projects: 30%

Report 20%

Final Exam: 30%

Important Notes:

According to university regulation absence of more than 25% of lectures will not allow entering the final exam.