MSC Thesis

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"Detecting Subjectivity in Staff Performance Appraisals Using Text Mining" , Amani A. Abed

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Efficient Adaptive Load Balancing Algorithm for Cloud Computing Under Bursty Workloads”. Sally F. Issawi

Arabic Opinion Mining Using Parallel Decision Trees”, Wafa Ahmed.

Efficient Load Balancing Algorithm in Cloud Computing”. Hafiz Younis.

Improving Teacher Performance Using Data Mining”. Randa Hemaid

Using Opinion Mining Method for  Product Improvement”, Eman S. Yassin.

Automated Complaint System Using Text Mining Techniques (UNRWA Case Study)”. Mohammed AL-Najjar

"Automatic Usability Evaluation on University Websites  using Data Mining Methods", Ibrahim M. Abu-Zaid.

"Detecting Spam in Arabic Opinion Mining", Ahmad  Abu  Hammad.

"Arabic Text Classification Using Learning Vector Quantization", Mohammed Azara

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"Effectiveness of proposed program based on visual stimuli to gain skills in electronic tenth grade students hearing disabilities", Suheir Alhajjar