Logic Design

Digital Design    CSCI 2301

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Name: Ashraf Y A Maghari                                      Office: I 303

Tel     : 2860700, ext 2644                                         Email: amaghari@mail.iugaza.edu

Office hours: Saturday, Monday and Wednesday 12-13, Tuesday 10-14

Course’s Information

Pre-requisite: Introduction to Computer

Course Website:     Moodle

Textbook: Digital Design, 4th edition. 2007 By: M. Morris Mano, Michael D. Ciletti, Prentice-Hall publishing company.

References: Digital Fundamentals, 9th edition. 2006 By: Thomas L. Floyd, Pearson Education, Inc.


Course Description and ojectives:

It covers logic gates, Boolean algebra, logic expression minimization, combinational logic, sequential logic, memory, and programmable logic arrays. It demonstrates concepts through the design of a variety of logic circuits such as adders, Comparators, Decoders, Encoders, Code Converters, Multiplexers, Demultiplexers, Parity Checkers, counters, registers, Programmable Logic Devices, and memories. As a result students will gain the suitable skills for designing variety of logic circuits.

Course Content

1 Digital Systems and Binary Numbers
2 Boolean Algebra and Logic Gates
3 Gate-Level Minimization
4 Combinational Logic
5 Synchronous Sequential Logic
6 Registers and Counters
7 Memory and Programmable Logic


50 % final exams

25 % mid term exams

25 % activities and quizzes

Very Important Notes:

According to university regulation absence of more than 25% of lectures will not allowed to enter the final exam.


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