Computer Networks

Textbook: Data and Computer Communication, William Stallings 8th Edition, 2008, Prentice Hall.

References: Computer Networks Principles, technologies and protocols for Network Design, Natalia Olifer and Victor Oliver, 2006, WILEY.

Course Description and Objective:

This course will survey computer communication networks from a computer science perspective. We will explore basic aspects such as data communications over a transmission link, wide area networks, local area networks, the architecture pf networks, layering issues, topology and components, concepts of circuit and packet switching and network control algorithms. We will discuss protocols and design issues at each layer ranging from the physical to the application layer and the TCP/IP protocol architecture.

Students will gain fundamental knowledge and understanding of the principles and practice of computer networking, emphasizing data and computer communication within the framework of the lower layers of the OSI and TCP/IP protocol architectures, through class lectures, reading assignments, and homework.


Course Syllabus

Readings Topics
Ch. 1 Data Communication and Networking Overview
Ch. 2 Protocols and Architecture
Ch. 4 Guided and wireless Transmission
Ch.6 Digital Data Communications Techniques
Ch.7 Data Link Control Protocols
Ch. 15 Local Area Network Overview
Ch. 18 Wide Area Network: Internet work Protocols


Midterm exams 20%
Assignments and activities 10%
Lab 20%
Final exam 50%


Very Important Notes:

According to university regulation absence of more than 25% of lectures will not allowed to enter the final exam.