Data Structure

Data Structre and algorithms (CSCI 2404)

Teaching Assistants: Lamiya Alsaedi, Osama M. Abu haseera.

Course Description

The goal of this course are to extend and deepen the students knowledge and understanding of algorithms and data structure and associated design and analysis techniques. It focuses the students attention on the design of the program structure that is correct, efficient in both time and space utilization.


Course Syllabus



Introduction to data structure and abstract data types
Template and standards containers
Pointer and dynamic allocation
Linked list
Hash tables
Algorithms analysis
Binary trees
Efficient tree structure
Sorting algorithms
Searching algorithms
Multi way tree
Graph and Diagraph


Course Outcomes

  1. Present the concepts of stacks, queues, abstract data types, pointer, recursion, list and tree.
  2. Sorting.
  3. Write programs which apply these concepts.
  4. analyze the efficiency of various techniques 


Course Teaching Method

Lectures, class discussions, exercises, laboratory demonstrations, and examinations.

Textbook: C++ an introduction to data Structure, Larry and Nyhoff, 1999
Recommended reading   Data structures and algorithm analysis in c++, 2nd edition, M. Weiss, 2002


  Course requirements
  • Programming skills in C and C++  (Pre-requisite) 
  • attendance of all lectures.
  • attendance of Lab