It is not until Saku’s route that his powers are explained, however

It is not until Saku’s route that his powers are explained, however

Right onto Eru

Shown at the beginning of the game with his maid, it’s quite obvious that this is our carefree protagonist who is… relatively colorful. He has so much confidence in himself that he snorts that people’s criticisms, and is completely in his own pace most of the time.

This is including the fact that he suddenly grabs the breasts of a girl escort in Augusta who he JUST met, saying that they are “Godly”, and this attitude continues throughout the entire game.

His invitation to the “School” means that he also has a special power called “Halo”, and he actually uses this power at certain points in the game. Even as the member of the “Crown”, Narita refuses to participate in its activities using the excuse that he is busy. Perhaps, though, there is a bigger reason than this.

Narita himself was very interesting, and he does have secrets of his own that’s revealed (only to the readers!) rather early in the game.

The relationship of Sorako and Narita is revealed in full (ironically in Saku’s route though), and even within her own route, I actually appreciated the “ambiguous ending”

First heroine is Tamao, who is (even at first glance) very fit and skilled with physical tasks. It’s quickly shown in game that due to her highly able body, she is slightly missing in the intelligence department, and this directly contradicts with another heroine: many of the beginning comical scenes show the two fighting. Continue reading …