Get the full guide for How To Top Like a Stud below

Get the full guide for How To Top Like a Stud below

Do you see where I’m going with this? The key is to keep his sphincter relaxed as you enter him with your dick.

19. Now you’re ready. Go ahead and eat him out for about 15 minutes. Or skip to the next step.

20. Next, you’re going to put the head of your erect penis comfortably, but snugly on the outside of his anus. There should be no space between the opening of the sphincter and the head of your penis.

21. Once your cock is snug against his anus, ask your partner to clinch his sphincter as tight as he can for as long as he can. He’ll be able to do that for about 20 to 30 seconds maximum.

22. As you approach the 20-30 second mark you will be able to tell when it starts to relax involuntarily by the look on his face. Ask him to tell you anyway because you need to time this correctly.

23. As he begins to relax his sphincter start penetrating him with your dick. His body will beg for it.

25. Now, notice what just happened: You are entering him at the point that his sphincter is most relaxed. You’ve used physics and physiology to create an ideal time for penetration.

26. As an added bonus, suck his cock while you fuck him with the Autoblow2. It feels like the real thing and you can get $40 off with code GAILYGRIND.

27. Have him hold the Autoblow while you’re fucking him and the beaded rings will suck him off while you fuck him. You won’t be able to get him off you.

3 more tips for every top

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