They eat lawn, make love, works if they have so you can, bear the more youthful

They eat lawn, make love, works if they have so you can, bear the more youthful

Assuming: How to be Self-Sufficient if the Unforeseen Happens because of the Kathy Harrison

“What is commonest and least expensive and nearby and you can safest try Me, Me personally going in to own my personal opportunity, paying having vast output, Adorning me personally so you can bestow me personally into first that simply take myself, Not asking this new heavens in the future down seriously to my goodwill, Sprinkling when the freely forever.” – Walt Whitman

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“To call home quite happy with short function, to find appeal in place of deluxe, and you may refinement as opposed to trend, to get deserving, maybe not respectable, and wealthy, not rich, to analyze difficult, thought unofficially, chat gently, operate in all honesty, to learn celebs and birds, so you’re able to babes and sages, with open-heart, in order to happen most of the joyfully, do-all fearlessly, wait a little for period, rush never ever, in short to allow the latest religious, unbidden and you may unconscious, mature from popular, it is to get my symphony.” – William Henry Channing

“For example William Morris, Joe Hollis requires us to understand heaven farming just like the a juncture in which artfulness physically serves lifestyle. Actually, we might wade as far as so you can explain that it eden because the place where ways is actually indistinguishable away from existence, and you can in which simplicity was codified because the best street to possess finding happiness.” – Jim Nollman

“The country should learn that the genuine fulfillment produced from matter anything are off alternatively low-quality overall and quicker inside quantity than it seems to the people with maybe not used it.” – Oliver Wendell Holmes

“The fresh good simplicity in the works out-of characteristics simply constantly starts from the noble shortsightedness away from your exactly who sees it.” – Grams.C. Continue reading …