Request usage of your very own analysis (popularly known as an effective “study subject availableness request”)

Request usage of your very own analysis (popularly known as an effective “study subject availableness request”)

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  • Conformity having Statutes. We would reveal your details in which we have been legitimately expected to exercise in order to conform to relevant laws, regulators requests, an official continuing, court purchase, otherwise courtroom processes, including in reaction in order to a courtroom buy otherwise good subpoena (including in reaction so you can public government to satisfy national shelter or law enforcement conditions). Continue reading …

Our churches have rarely-if ever-faced the exodus we are seeing today

Our churches have rarely-if ever-faced the exodus we are seeing today

To be perfectly clear, I want to let you know upfront that this isn’t a parenting how-to guide that, if followed, will lead your loved ones to salvation. Instead, what I can offer you is a glimpse into the world of a twenty-something who sees thousands of young evangelicals being spiritually and emotionally targeted on Christian university campuses, in college ministries and at churches nationwide by a growing liberal movement cloaked in Christianity.

This will have a direct effect on the spiritual and moral values that will shape the nation in the coming years. That is why it is urgent that concerned Christians start acting now before the boston sugar daddy websites situation gets worse.

Faith and culture will continue to collide in America. The culture wars, the growth of family, the success of missions, the prosperity of our great nation-the future rests on millennial evangelicals’ worldview. And that is cause for concern, because something has gone wrong with young evangelicals’ theology.

The millennial generation’s susceptibility to “feel-good” derica’s moral decline. Millennials’ religious practices depend largely on how the actions make us and others feel, whether the activities are biblical or not. For example, we only attend churches that leave us feeling good about our lifestyle choices, even if those choices conflict with God’s clear commandments. Or we contribute to nonprofits that exploit and misuse terms such as justice, oppressed and inequality because tweaking the language makes us feel more neutral, less confrontational.

Out of fear of being falsely dubbed “intolerant” or “uncompassionate,” many young Christians are buying into theological falsehoods. Instead of standing up as a voice for the innocent unborn or marriage as God intended, millennials are forgoing the authority of Scripture and embracing a couch potato, cafeteria-style Christianity all in the name of tolerance. Continue reading …