Aries Compatibility: The Best and Worst Zodiac Matches

Aries Compatibility: The Best and Worst Zodiac Matches

Aries are fierce, fun-loving and always the life of the party. More than any other sign, Aries knows how to love hard. Despite this though, a major misconception about our sweet rams is that they’re too freedom-oriented to find success in relationships. Yes, Aries are impatient, but that doesn’t mean they’re afraid of commitment! Aries are the zodiac’s ultimate cheerleaders and being in a relationship with one is like having a hype guy on call 24/7, ready to pump you up. Falling in love with an Aries is to realize that their signature hotheadedness translates to unparalleled passion. So who is best suited to keep up with that delightful Aries joie de vivre? Here’s our definitive Aries compatibility ranking.

12. Aries

Some might call Aries headstrong, but overall, the sweet rams are quite easy going. In many ways, every sign is a good match for Aries when it comes to romance with the one exception being: another Aries! Yes, the Aries-Aries love combo is notoriously tricky. Though two Aries make dynamic business partners and inseparable BFF’s, when it comes to romance, these two tend to connect in a wave of passion that burns out very quickly. The celeb couple with this combo who seem to pull it off somehow are Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick. But remember: these two also work together which probably helps spread out some of the brasher, more argumentative energy.

11. Capricorn

We’ve shared before that Aries and Capricorn together make complicated coworkers. But what about romantic relationships? Well, in many ways, things are just as complicated-mostly because these two end up being all work and no play. Mars-planet of action and endurance-feels empowered in both of these signs, resulting in this being a connection that’s more about gaining momentum, and less about savoring sweetness. Continue reading …