I’ll Show You Mine, But You Go First

I’ll Show You Mine, But You Go First

Anonymity Is King

Don’t be in a hurry to share your name, address, phone number, parents’ address, and blood type on a public profile. That’s not what the profile is there for anyway.

You want to give the barebones basics (without lying too much) of who you are and why it would be great to date you. Your bank balance and account details may be one of those reasons but keep them away from your profile.

Seen all those faceless profiles scattered like autumn leaves across gay dating sites? Some people are battling to come out, and others are shy. And that’s fine.

But if you’re chatting and a potential date gets iffy about sharing pictures of their face, especially when you showed your first, that’s a red flag.

Go Webcam Before You Go Dating

If it looks too good to be true, then it probably is. So a quick video chat before you venture out will make sure you connect with the right person and not some scammer.

Always Go Public Before You Go Private

99% of your dates from gay dating sites will be the person you are expecting. However, there is always that 1% chance that it may be someone else.

With that being said, if you’re hooking up with a total stranger and you’ve only ever met on dating sites, you want to be in a public place until you feel safe and secure enough to move in behind closed doors.

Social Media Holds the Clues

Much of our lives are public with social media. And it’s not stalking if you check out a connection before you meet or hook up. Continue reading …