Garrett Wade Copper Tinder Field Flames Starter

Garrett Wade Copper Tinder Field Flames Starter

  • 1 bit of English flint
  • 1 bag regarding char material (the cloth kind of charcoal)

SOLKOA Survival Systems Flame Component

Certainly one of 8 SOLKOA survival solutions, this new Flames Module is an easy and easy to make use of flame starter kit containing a good number of flame bulbs alternatives to own like a tiny equipment. This is exactly a remarkable selection for those individuals refusing to help you hedge their bets on the an individual way to get a booming fire going easily. Most of the the content material fit as well inside the nylon blogs sack and work out it an excellent packable and you can tiny equipment having hikers and you may backpackers.

  • FastStrike triggering rod
  • 2 Fastfire tinders
  • 10 stormproof suits
  • dos beeswax Candles, 4+ days.
  • 4 wax-thread tinder tabs

This superbly showed kit is the best present having flames beginners old and young, which can be sure to spark the eye away from probably the very unwilling outdoorsmen and you may girls online. The newest magnification glass integrated into the new copper tinder box adds various other particular carrying out flame, in addition remainder of their content material. Continue reading …