The Bush administratiuon did not say it

The Bush administratiuon did not say it

John H. Lederer – 6/

The opponents think they should have because it fits their view of what the other side should have said. Therefore they said it. and when they deny saying it, they are either lying or engaging in a calculated program to imply it while maintaining deniability.

Do you dispute the fact that the president (or any public figure) is capable is giving an impression without being factually inaccurate?

I think there was more likely than not Iraq support for 9/11 though I would definitely label my view “uncertain”. Why do I think that? Because I don’t believe that Samon Pak was for training Iraqis on how to oppose highjackers. Because no one seems able to explain Atta’s prior trips to Prague or his withdrawal of $8000 immediately before the hypothesized trip. Because it fits my view of Saddam’s animosity towards the U.S.

Mr. Mahan, You raise an interesting point, which is if I am not mistaken, that anyone capable of being manipulated when the truth could be sought after deserve what they get.

However, the literature on the president’s power to persuade is extensive. The “rhetorical presidency,” the “bully pulpit” and various other studies have been conducted and demonstrate time and time again that presidents can and do influence the public by their words and actions more than any other government actor. Continue reading …

How to make Paypal Money On the internet (Zero Surveys)

How to make Paypal Money On the internet (Zero Surveys)

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So, in the current article, let’s plunge inside or take a go through the many choices you could make currency via PayPal without having to get a beneficial survey. Continue reading …