Microbiology for nurses

 The Islamic University- Gaza

Faculty of Nursing

Microbiology for Nurses


Course Number: NURS 1303

Semester: The course is offered on fall course for first year students.

Credit hours: The course is made up for 3 credit hours.

Lecturer: Dr. Abdalkarim Radwan

Prerequisites: None .


Course Description :

The course is designed to provide nursing students with an essential idea of microbiology regarding general knowledge about bacteria & bacterial diseases, Viruses & viral disease, protozoa and fungi and effects on human health and methods of prophylaxis against them and treatment.


Course Objectives :

On completion of this course the student will be able to :

1- To understand a good idea about the science of microbiology.

2-                 To know an idea about structure, staining and types of bacteria.

3-                 To know and idea about infection and their types including bacterial and viral diseases.

4-                 Understand a chapter about immunology.

5-                 To deal with the antimicrobial agents are studied during this course with some details.

6-                 Virology is studded shortly with concentration on common viral diseases like poliomyelitis, inflate, German measles & AIDA .

7-                 To read a chapter about the most common protozoal infection in Gaza including toxoplasma gondii, Entaoemba histolytic and Guard lamblia.

8-                 Lastly, recently we had added a chapter about fungi and fungal infection to the course to cover the external and internal human infection with fungi.


Teaching method:


Only lectures.





Queses                                    10%

Midterm exam                       30%

Final exam                              60%



The students are expected to attend most of  lectures, passing successfully all exams.


Course Outline :

1-                 History of microbiology.

2-                 Introduction about microorganisms.

3-                 Bacterial morphology, structures multiplication and staining.

4-                 Destruction of bacteria.

5-                 Infection.

6-                 Immunology.

7-                 Antimicrobial agents.

8-                 Bacterial diseases.

9-                 Virology and viral diseases.

10-            Protozoa and protozoal diseases.

11-            Superficial and deep mycosis.


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