Microbiology for Nurses

The Islamic University- Gaza

Faculty of Nursing

Microbiology for Nurses

Course Number: NURS 1303

Semester: The course is offered on fall course for first year students.

Credit hours: The course is made up for 3 credit hours.

Lecturer: Dr. Abdalkarim Radwan

Prerequisites: None .

Course Description :

The course is designed to provide nursing students with an essential idea of microbiology regarding general knowledge about bacteria & bacterial diseases, Viruses & viral disease, protozoa and fungi and effects on human health and methods of prophylaxis against them and treatment.

Course Objectives :

On completion of this course the student will be able to :

  1. 1. To understand a good idea about the science of microbiology.
  2. 2. To know an idea about structure, staining and types of bacteria.
  3. 3. To know and idea about infection and their types including bacterial and viral diseases.
  4. 4. Understand a chapter about immunology.
  5. 5. To deal with the antimicrobial agents are studied during this course with some details.
  1. 6. Virology is studded shortly with concentration on common viral diseases like poliomyelitis, inflate, German measles & AIDA .

7.  To read a chapter about the most common protozoal infection in Gaza including toxoplasma gondii, Entaoemba histolytic and Guard lamblia.

8.  Lastly, recently we had added a chapter about fungi and fungal infection to the course to cover the external and internal human infection with fungi.

Teaching method:

– lectures.

– discussion


Queses                                              10%

Attendance and participation        10%

Midterm exam                                 30%

Final exam                                        50%


The students are expected to attend most of  lectures, passing successfully all exams.

Course Outline :

1-                 History of microbiology.

2-                 Introduction about microorganisms.

3-                 Bacterial morphology, structures multiplication and staining.

4-                 Destruction of bacteria.

5-                 Infection.

6-                 Immunology.

7-                 Antimicrobial agents.

8-                 Bacterial diseases.

9-                 Virology and viral diseases.

10-            Protozoa and protozoal diseases.

11-            Superficial and deep mycosis.

With my best wishes

Dr. Abdalkarim Radwan

لتحميل وصف المساق اضغغ الرابط التالي

microbiology for nurses syllabus

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