Environment in Palestine

مايو 15th, 2012

Department of Environment&Earth Science



ENVT4114-Environment in Palestine

Semester: Spring 2011

Total Credits: 1 credit hour.

Course Description: The course deals with the following topics: Historic, demographic, and economic cotext, Landscape of Palestine, Biodiversity,Environmental resources in Palestine, and Environmental problems in Gaza Strip.


Lecturer:        Mr. Ali Tarshawi

                        Office: Palestin Building-Basement

                        Phone: 2823311 ext1340                     

Office Hours: 12-2 saterday.,wedensday.

                        10-12 sunday.,Tusday

Office: Palestin Building-Basement

                        Email.: atarshaw@mail.iugaza.edu.ps


Gaza – Environmental Profile Part , 1 , 2 , 3.( Ministry of Planning)

Biodivrsity in the Arab World.(Bioloical Conference ,Cairo). Dr.Shtiah

The environment in Israel ( Shoshana Gabbay)

Course Aims:

·      Understanding of  the environmental Situation in Palestine.

·      Understanding of  the environmental problems in palstine

·      Understanding of  the effect of History,Economic,and Population on the Environment.


Course Intended Learning Outcomes (ILOs):

·      The ability to apply the environmental concepts on our country.

·      Knowledge of the Physical and Climatic charcterisitics in Palestine

·      Dealing with the Environmental problems in Palestine

·      Creat the interesting in the environment of Palestine .



Grading: Grades will be determined as Follows:


Quizzes                         5%

Research                       5%

Midterm                        30%

Final                             60%



Course Outlines

Brief Context:  Historic, Demographic, Economic context (2 hrs)

Climatic characteristics and Natural landscape Temperature, Rainfall, Solar radiation, and Climatic regions. Physical characteristics, land, and water bodies.(4 hrs)

Biodiversity in Palestine: Natural Plants and Animals (4 hrs)

Agricultural activities related to Landscape and Biodiversity: (2hrs)

Water Resources in Palestine: Principal Water Resources, Water quality. (2 hrs)

Environmental problems in Gaza Strip: Problems in Management of Water and wastewater, Solid waste, Land, Coastal Landscape (2hrs)


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