Soil Science

مايو 15th, 2012

Department of Environment&Earth Science



ENVT2311-Soil Science


Semester: Spring 2011

Total Credits: 2 credit hours.

Course Description: The course deals with the following topics: soil as anatural body, Soil physical properities, Soil water, Soil Mineralogy, Soil Erosion, Soil chemistry, Soil Taxonomy.

Prerequisite: Analytical Chemistry.

Lecturer:        Mr. Ali Tarshawi

                        Office: Palestin Building-Basement

                        Phone: 2823311 ext. 1340                   

Office Hours: 12-2 saterday.,wedensday.

                        10-12 sunday.,Tusday


Textbooks: Fundamentals of Soil Science (Hnery D. Foth)

Course Aims:

·      Understanding of  the basic concepts of soil science..

·      Focusing on the soil as an important resource.

·      Understanding of  the relation of the soil with other environmental component. .


·      Understanding how to conduct the main soil physical and chemical analysis.

Course Intended Learning Outcomes (ILOs):

·      Enabling students to be familiar with soil terms and concepts.

·      Knowledge of the importance of Soil science as an Environmental Science. 

·      Enabling students to conduct main soil analysis

·      Create the background for other Environmental Courses such as Natural Resources and Pollution control.

Grading: Grades will be determined as Follows:

Quizzes                           10%

Midterm 1                      15 %

Midterm 2                     15 %

Final                             60%    


Course Outlines

Introduction: Soil in ecosystem, soil Science branches. (1 hr)

Soil as a natural body: Bedrock weathering and formation of parent material, Soil – forming  process, Soil formation , Formation of A,B, O, E, C horizons, The soil forming factors.(4 hrs)

Soil physical prosperities:  Texture, Structure, Consistence, Porosity, Density, Color, Temperature of soil. (5 hrs).

Soil Water: Soil Water energy, Potential, movement, and Regime.(4 hrs)

Soil Water Management: Water Conservation, Drainage, and Irrigation water quality.(3 hrs)

Soil Mineralogy: Soil Mineralogical composition, soil clay minerals. (4 hrs)

Soil Erosion: Water Erosion, Universal soil loss Equation, Wind Erosion, Wind Erosion Equation.(3hrs)


Soil Chemistry: Chemical Composition of Soil, Ion Exchange, Soil pH, Significance and Management of Soil pH.(5hrs).

Soil Taxonomy:Diagnostic Surface Horizon, Diagnostic Subsurface Horizon, Soil Moisture Regime, Soil Temperature Regime,and Categories of Soil Taxonomy.(3hrs)


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