Special Topics

مايو 15th, 2012

Department of Environment&Earth Science


ENVT4206-Special Topics

Sustainable Development of Natural Resources

Semester: Spring 2011

Total Credits: 2 credit hours.

Course Description: The course deals with the following topics: Environmental and Resource Economic,Earth and its Crustal Resources,Human Nutrition, Food, and Hunger, Soil Resources, Water Resources, Air Resources.


Lecturer:        Mr. Ali Tarshawi                      

                        Office: Bhrain Building Room 301

                        Phone: 2823311 ext. 2662                   

Office Hours: 12-2 saterday.,wedensday.

                        10-12 sunday.,Tusday

           Email.: atarshaw@mail.iugaza.edu

Textbooks: Environmental Science by William p. Cunningham, and Barbara Saigo

Course Aims:

·        Understanding of  the basics of resource economics.

·       Understanding of  the importance, and use of the natural resources.

·      Understanding of  the resource management, and its  effects on the environment.

·      Understanding of  the scientific base of the Climatic Change concept. 

Course Intended Learning Outcomes (ILOs):

·      Changing the old view toward Natural Resources.

·      Knowledge of the significance of Resource management and conservation.

·      Dealing with the  concepts related to Natural Resources

Grading: Grades will be determined as Follows:


Quizzes                         5%

Research                       5%

Midterm                        30%

Final                             60%                

Course Outlines:

Introduction: Course overview and References  (1 hr.)

Environmental and Resource Economics: Resources and Reserves, Economic Development and Resource use, Population and Resource Supply, and Sustainable Development. (4 hrs.).

Earth and Its Crustal Resources: Earth as a Dynamic Planet, the Rock cycle, Economic Mineralogy, Conserving Earth Resources, Environmental of Resource Extraction. (5 hrs.).

Human Nutrition: Food, and Hunger: Human Nutrition, World Food Resources, Economics of Food Supply, World Hunger, Causes and solution for World Hunger.(4 hrs).

Soil Resources and Sustainable Agriculture: What is Soil, Ways We use (and abuse) Soil, Other agricultural Resources, Toward a sustainable agriculture, What Can We Do Personally, (6 hrs.).

Water Resources, Use, and Management: Water Resources and Patterns, Major Water Compartments of the World, Water Availability and Use, Freshwater Shortages, Increasing Supplies, Water Management and Conservation.(6 hrs.).

Air Resources: Atmosphere, Climate, and Weather: Composition and Structure of the Atmosphere, The Great Weather Engine, Weather, Climate, Climatic catastrophes, Driving Forces and Patterns in Climatic Change.(6hrs).



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