WasteWater Analysis

مايو 15th, 2012

Department of Environment&Earth Science



ENVT3123-WasteWater Analysis

Semester: Fall 2003

Total Credits: 1 credit hour. (3 hours lab work.)

Course Description:  Goals of Waste Water Analysis (WWA), Kinds of analysis Field analysis (T0c,EC , pH , DO…) Lab. Analysis , solids , chloride , BOD , Cod , phosphorous, ammonia , Total kejldal nitrogne

Prerequisite: Analytical Chemistry & Waste Water Treatment .

Lecturer:        Mr. Ali Tarshawi

                        Office: Palestin Building-Basement

                        Phone: 2823311 ext. 1340

                        Office Hours: Two hours weekly

                        Email.: atarshaw@mail.iugaza.edu

Teaching Assistant: Raed khaldi, and Majdoleen Darweesh

Textbooks:  Standard Methods for water and wastewater examination.

Course Aims:

·      Understanding of  the theoretical base of each WWA..

·      Understanding how to conduct  each WWA, and practicing in Lab.

·      Using the instruments, and preparing chemical reagents efficiently in (WWA).


Course Intended Learning Outcomes (ILOs):

·      Enabling students to use the Standard Methods reference.

·      Enabling students to be familiar with (WWA).

·      Enabling students to conduct main (WWA)


Grading: Grades will be determined as Follows:


Midterm                        30%

Reports                       10%

Final                             60%


Course Outlines:

Introduction: :  Goals of Waste Water Analysis (WWA) Kinds of analysis(1 hr)

 Field analysis: (T0c,EC , pH , DO…) (2 hrs)

 PrimaryAnalysis: solids (TS , SS , VS , FS , DS , Imhoff Test) ( 4 hrs)

                                chloride ( 1 hr)

                               BOD   (2 hrs)

                              COD     (1 hr)

                               Phosphorous (2 hrs)

                               Ammonia (1 hrs)

                               Total kejldal nitrogne (2 hrs)


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