Computer Architecture

Islamic University- Gaza
2013/2014,2nd Semester
Faculty of Information Technology Course number: CSCI 2310

Computer Architecture & Organization CSCI 2310
Lecturer: Eng. Ehab M. Mortaja,
Male: 12:00 -13:00 I 108 Female: 13:00-14:00 I 103
Room: I 306

Course Description and Goals
The overall aim of this course is to provide you with a proper level of knowledge about how computers operate, and the basics of computer structure. However, it is expected to cover specific unit structures, fundamentals, and mechanisms of work, it will not deeply discuss the technical details of specific technologies. As a graduate from information technology, you should have a deeper understanding of computer logic than a typical user. This means that you are expected to be able to:
• Determine why a particular piece of code executes slowly even though it should be fast in theory.
• Specify a hardware configuration that enables an application to meet a given performance requirement
• Estimate the impact on performance of switching to a different hardware platform or upgrading to a new generation of the current platform
• Get a better cost/performance tradeoffs encountered in designing a digital system
Course lectures will be taken in the classrooms mentioned above unless another announcement comes up. Learning material will be posted on Moodle in advance to give students proper time to prepare for the class. Course announcements will be circulated over the Moodle as well all the time, so please check your account properly. Additionally, students will be asked to participate in the course through interacting with course instructor and colleagues. It is recommended to read the material before attending the class. Attendance is compulsory as 25% absence is not acceptable according to the university rules.

Required Textbooks:
Computer Organization and Architecture: Designing for Performance, 8/E, William Stallings, 2010.

Below is an approximate schedule for course activities. It might be adapted according to our progress in the course but any changes will be announced on Moodle.

Week Topics
1 Course overview and Introduction
2 Organization and Architecture

3 A Top-Level View of Computer Function and Interconnection

4 Cache Memory
5 Internal Memory Technology

6 External Memory

7 Input / Output

8 Operating System Support

9 Computer Arithmetic

10 Instruction Sets: Characteristics and Function
11 Instruction Sets: Addressing Modes and Formats

12 Processor Structure and Function

13 Instruction-Level Parallelism and Superscalar Processors

14 Processor Structure and Function
15 Reduced Instruction Set Computers I
16 Break
Assessment and Grading

Activity Breakdown
Quizzes, attendance and participations 20
First Midterm Exam 30
Final Exam 50
Total 100%

Final Note:
Course outline is flexible and instructor might slightly adapt it according to course progress.

Chapter01Introducing Hardware from Patty Ramsey

Computer hardware component. ppt from Naveen Sihag