Computer Networks

Islamic University- Gaza
2013/2014,2nd Semester
Faculty of Information Technology Course number: SICT 3308

Computer Networks
Lecturer: Eng. Ehab M. Mortaja,
Time: Sunday, Tuesday : Female:8:00- 9:30, I101 Male:9:30-11:00, I 116
Office hours: All the days: 11:00 – 12:00 Room: I 306
Course Objective
Students will gain fundamental knowledge and understanding of the basic principles and practice of computer networking. This course will introduce you to the concepts, terminology, and approaches used in computer networks systems. At the end of the course , the student will be familiar with a wide variety of concepts and protocols (and detailed knowledge of some of them).
Course Outline
Chapter 1 Computer Networks and the Internet
Chapter 2 Application Layer
Chapter 3 Transport Layer
Chapter 4 The Network Layer
Chapter 5 The Link Layer: Links, Access Networks, and LANs
* Chapter 6 Wireless and Mobile Networks
* Chapter 7 Multimedia Networking
Chapter 8 Security in Computer Networks

Text Book
“Computer Networking: A Top Down Approach “ 6th edition. Jim Kurose, Keith Ross Addison-Wesley March 2012
• The Web! The web is a wonderful resource for more information on almost any topic in computer networking. Let your favorite search engine help you explore more deeply the many topics we cover in class.
• A. Tanenbaum, Computer Networks, 4th Edition, Prentice-Hall PTR, Upper Saddle River, NJ, 2002.
Course Assessment
• Midterm Exam (30%)
• Homework and Quizzes (10%)
• Research project (20%)
• Final Exam – (40-50%)