Introduction to Computing

Faculty of Information Technology – Islamic University Gaza


Introduction to Computer – CSCI 1303

Course Syllabus



General Information

  • Semester: 2nd  Semester 2014-2015.
  • Instructors:ُEng.Ehab M. Mortaja,                 Office: I305      , Ext:
  • Prerequisite: None
  • Credits: 3Hrs.


Course description

   An introduction to computer and its uses, this course describes the state of Art of computer and the basic knowledge of computer. As well as discuss the components of computer, how the data are stored and manipulated within the computer. Throughout this course students will be familiar with the concepts of the networks, the internet, and the concepts of the operating systems and some examples of these operating systems.


Course objectives  

   This course aims to give students an in-depth understanding of computer and its components and why computer is essential component in business. As well as this course introduces the fundamentals of computers, how the user can interact with the computer and the basic concepts that are related to the information technology and computer science such as computer networks, operating systems, algorithms, and so on.


Course outline “topics that will be covered”

·         Introduction to computer and its components.

·         Data storage.

·         Data manipulation.

·         Basic concepts of Operating system.

·         Network and the internet.

·         Algorithms.

·         Basic concepts of Programming Languages.


Course outcome

·         After completion of this course, the student will be able to describe.

·         Basic computer concepts, such as what a computer is, how it works, components of system unit.

·         How the data stored and represented in the computer.

·         How a computer manipulates data.

·         Basic computer network and the internet.

·         The Operating system architecture.

·         Algorithms.


Teaching methods

·         Lectures, Assignments, Discussion, Quizzes, Examination.


Evaluation criteria “Grades”

·         Midterm Exam 30%, Final Exam 70%.


Text book

·         J. Glenn Brookshear, Computer Science an Overview, 10th edition.

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·         The course contents and grading can be changed as necessary.

·         Absents more than 25% will drop the course.