Contracts, Specification, and Quantity Surveying



The Islamic University of Gaza                                                                                      Instructor: Prof. Dr Adnan Enshassi

Faculty of Engineering                                                                                                                        Eng. Khalid Isa

Contracts, Specification, and Quantity Surveying ENGC 4343




This course will highlight contracting systems, estimating and tendering as a major management function within construction firms. The contractual relationship between contracting parties will be discussed. The specifications of construction materials are also discussed in details.


Course Objective

The main objective of the course is to help students to develop a critical understanding of contracts administration, general and special conditions, specifications of materials and quantity surveying in the construction industry.


Course Topics

  1. Contract Administration

1.1 Contractual Relationships

1.2 Types of engineering contracts

  • Lump sum contracting (The design-bid-build approach)
  • Lump sum contracting (Bidding, contractual issues, risk)
  • Negotiated general contracting
  • Design build
  • Construction management
  • Program management

1.3  Contracts Documents

1.4  General Conditions of Contract (FIDIC)

1.5 Special conditions


  1. Quantity Surveying

2.1    Excavation & Filling measurement

2.2  Reinforcement Concrete Measurement

2.3  Bricks measurement

2.4  Normal works measurement

2.5 Steel works
2.6 Construction Block
2.7 Finishing works (plastering, paint, tiles, doors, windows, electrical and mechanical)


  1. Specifications

This section will cover the specifications of all materials used in the building & construction industry.


  1. Cost estimation


Presentation Methodology:

Lecturing, Discussions, Exercises, Projects and Presentation


Grading Policy:

Term Project                                         15%

Seminars                                               5%

Mid Term Exam                                     20%

Final Exam                                            60%


Text Book:

1. Dorsey, R. W, 2006, Project delivery systems for building construction, AGCA, USA

 .2مدخل إلى إدارة المشروعات الهندسية، أ.د. عدنان إنشاصي، 1997

   .3 حساب الكميات والمواصفات, م. خالد عيسى



  1. Abbet, RW. 1993, Engineering Contracts and Specification, John Wiley, UK.
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