Engineering Management



The Islamic University of Gaza                                                                            Instructor: Prof. Dr Adnan Enshassi

Faculty of Engineering

Engineering Management ECIV 4244



Management today is more of an art than a science. This course reviews the environmental context within which the engineering manager operates and the functions and roles of the engineering manager as they relate to the unique characteristics of technical functions.

Course Objective

The main objective of the course is to help students to develop a critical understanding of the fundamentals of construction management and linking theory with practice.

Course Topics

  1. Overview of the construction industry.
  2. Construction organization structure.
  3. Responsibilities of key construction personnel.
  4. Business organizational forms.
  5. Communication.
  6. Leadership.
  7. Motivation.
  8. Labor productivity.
  9. Planning and scheduling.
  10. Construction equipment.
  11. Safety and health.
  12. Quality management.
  13. Lean construction
  14. Six sigma.
  15. Benchmarking.


Presentation Methodology:

Lecturing, Discussions, Exercises, Projects, Presentation, and Computer exercise on CPM.

Grading Policy:

Term Project                            20%

Mid Term Exam                      20%

Final Exam                              60%

Text Book:

1. Fundamentals of construction management and organization, Tenah, K. A. and Guevara, J. M., Reston, 1985, USA.

 .1مدخل إلى إدارة المشروعات الهندسية، أ.د. عدنان إنشاصي،.1997



  1. Professional Construction Management, D. Barie and B. Paulson, McGraw – Hill, 1992.
  2. Principles of Construction Management, Pilcher, McGraw-Hill, 1992, USA. 
  3. Construction Project Management, Clough, R.H. and Sears, G.A, John Wile, 1992, UK.