Signal Processing and Application Project

Signal Processing and Application


Eman Abu Jalala

Kefaya Abu Dayyah

Noha Abu Owda

Safaa El Ramlawy


Our study is focused in promote scientific research for the transmission and reception process either by radio waves or by infrared waves. Recently, dealing with digital signal become easier and widely applied than analog signals even with more existing noise. As soon as the transmitted signal reaches the receiver an important process starts with low noise amplifier then modulation process (digital or analog method) then filtering and finally amplification. Noise is the most unwanted problem in communication system and we discuss some solution to noise problem. In this project, we propose and experimentally demonstrate the use of a single Infra-red transceiver for controlling multiple electrical appliances. A compact and robust handheld remote control is demonstrated that can simultaneously communicate and control multiple devices without the use of any wires. An accompanying Printed Circuit Board (PCB) carries 8 relays and an IR transceiver through which the handheld IR remote can communicate and deliver commands to different appliances.

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