Smart Car

Smart Car


Bakiza Diazada

 Samia Al-Najar  

Fatma Abou Zarifa



The need of transmitting and receiving information and data is one of the most important needs in a human life since ever that helps him communicating with others, gathering information and being updated with everything that happens around. There were many different ways that humans developed for transmitting and receiving information starting with using smoke in the old-ages till reaching wireless communications nowadays.

Wireless Technology is an alternative to Wired Technology, which is commonly used, for connecting devices in wireless mode. In the wireless mode data is being transferred without the existence of wires using various types of techniques and the RF module is considered one of these techniques. This graduation project “Smart car” is an application on transmitting and receiving data in the wireless mode.

The smart car is a robotic movable remote controlled car that is wirelessly interfaced with computer using RF module, the program used to connect the car with the computer is the LabVIEW program. The smart car function is to be used in monitoring applications, the car is provided with a camera that transmits images to the computer. There is also a temperature sensor that is connoted to the car to measure the temperature around and show it on the labVIEW window interface.

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