General Information


You have a continuous period of at most three months to work on your seminar topic. The start of this period is fixed at the first meeting. You will be assigned an assistant of the department, who will be the first address for questions relating to the seminar.


You shall produce a paper and presentation foils. Deliveries shall be made at the corresponding deadlines (given at the first meeting). After the first month of the semester you present the topic in a seminar talk. The duration of the talk should be approximately 30 minutes. A small discussion of up to 15 minutes will follow your talk.


Everything shall be written in your own words. The paper shall contain between 10 and 20 pages.


The foils shall be made so that a reasonable presentation of the topic can be performed in the given time.


Each student participating in the seminar has to be present at all seminar presentations.

Detailed dates will be defined at the first meeting.

Use the document templates of the institute. See download.

Main Literature Sources
  For the literature searching, these links will be useful: