Senior Project

Senior Project

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Course Code and Title:

ECOM 5301   Senior Project I

ECOM 5302   Senior Project II



Prof. Ibrahim S. I. Abuhaiba



Successful completion of 130 credit hours at least.



Senior Project I:

Final Grade:  Pass or Fail

Item                                                    Weeks             Points

Requirements & Specifications           4                      25

Design                                                 3                      25

Implementation                                   7                      50


Senior Project II:

Final Grade:  numeric percentage value from 0 to 100

Item                                                    Weeks             Points

Implementation                                   7                      50

Report & Presentation                                    7                      50       


Report Word Count: 12,000


Email Communication:

All email correspondence must be in correct formal English. You have to write a formal corvering letter for every email communication.