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فبراير 3rd, 2010

  د. جمعه يوسف العايدي 

   استاذ مشارك  في قسم الهندسة المكيانيكية 

 كلية الهندسة – الجامعة الإسلامية






Dr. Juma Yousuf Alaydi

 Associated Prof. in Mechanical Engineering – Mechatronics

Mechanical Engineering Department

Islamic University, Gaza, Palestine.

 Office: B236

E-mail: jalaydi@iugaza.edu.ps

Tel: +970 8 2860 700   Ext: 2832

 Juma Yousuf Alaydi got his B.Sc in Mechanical Engineering from BirZeit University in West Bank / Palestine 1987. Then he transferred to United Arab Emirates working as teacher of mechatronics in the Technical Education Department for 15 years. He got his M.Sc and PhD from Kharkov Polytechnic State University in Ukraine in 2000. His research area was Hydraulic Control Systems and Mechatronics.

Dr. Alaydi worked as Head of Mechatronics Department in the Ministry of Education at United Arab Emirates for fifteen from 1989 to 2002 then he moved to Qatar State in the Technical Institute in Doha for three years during his duty he constructed the teaching curriculum for the mechatronics department. In 2004 he transferred to Gaza-Palestine to work as Vise Dean for Academic Affairs at the Community college of Applied Science and Technology. Then he worked as Assistant Prof. at the Islamic University of Gaza. Since then, Dr. Alaydi taught more than 20 different courses, published five technical papers. His research was directed toward Industrial Robotics and Hydraulic, Control Systems, and renewable energy where he addressed many practical problems which concern the local community. His current research interests include Wind Energy and DAWT and Kinematics of multi links earth moving equipment


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