MSc_O&M in Water Systems

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Course Outline


Chapter 1: Infrastructure management systems 3/10

Chapter 2: Water, sewer and storm water systems and services 10/10

Chapter 3: Asset management 24/10

Chapter 4: Capital improvement planning, programming and budgeting 31/10

Chapter 5: Design and construction of infrastructure

Chapter 6: Financial management for water, sewer and storm water systems 7/11

Chapter 7: Operations of water, sewer and storm water systems 14/11

Chapter 8: Risk management and disaster preparedness 28/11

Chapter 9: Maintenance and renewal of water, sewer and storm water systems 5/12

Chapter 10: Information technology in water and sewer management

Chapter 11: Laws and regulations

Chapter 12: Managing the 21st  century water industry

Research Presentation 12/12

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