Research Activities & Interests

Research Interests

– Marine and coastal environment: Hydrodynamic, morphodynamic, water pollution

– Coastal remote sensing, GIS and their applications in Chlorophyll, shoreline change, turbidity, morphology and seawater quality

– Port and coastal engineering  

– Water management: Non-revenue, losses, O&M

– Water resources: Seawater desalination, brine management

– Renewable enegy systems 

– Economics and feasability studies

– Fluid mechanics and Hydraulics


International Research Cooperation

2018-2019: Palestinian-Dutch Cooperation PADUCO-2, Multi-Level Contextual Factors of Local Water Management in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip (Al Quds University in Jerusalem, Islamic University of Gaza, University of Twente in The Netherlands and GVC-Italia)

Juliane SchillingerPhD Candidate, University of Twente, The Netherlands

Manar ElSwaity, MSc Cadidate, Islamic University, Palestine

2018-2019: Local Supervisor of PhD Candidate Iyad Adwan student of Prof. Ahmad Farid Abu Bakar

Department of Geology, Faculty of Science, University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Master Research

2018: Alaa Hassan. Environmental, Hydraulic and Economic Assessment of Brackish Water Intake versus Open Intake for Reverse Osmosis Desalination Plant

2018: Manar ElSwaity. Multi-Level Contextual Factors of Local Water Management in Gaza Strip

2018: Tarek Abu Heen. Using Weather Forecasting Techniques and their Role on Crisis and Disaster Management – Case Study of Gaza Strip, Palestine

2018: Mohamed Ramlawi. Techno-econmic evaluation of centalized and decentaliazed RO seawater sesalination plants

2018: Malak AlDerawi. Optimal energy consumption for Gaza central desalination plant using renewable energy

2018: AbdRaheem Shorafa. Non-revenue water assessment and management policies adopted for Gaza city

2017: Tamer Baroud. Monitoring of Wastewater Disposal into Coastal Seawater of Gaza Strip Using Remote Sensing

2017: Abedelmajeed Kahail. Feasibility of Using Reverse Osmosis as Post-Treatment of Wastewater in Gaza Wastewater Plants

2017: Ahmad F. Abu Al Noor. Diagnosis of the Operational Problems of the Treated Waste Water Infiltration Basins (Case Study: Northern Gaza New Infiltration Basins)

2017: Mohammed Abd Rabou. Assessing and Mapping the Coastal Zone Changes in the Gaza Strip, Palestine, Using GIS and Remote Sensing Techniques 

2017: Yousef Oukal. Households’ Affordability and Willingness to pay for Water Services in Khan Younis City, Palestine

2016: Hassan Ziara. Possibility of Land Reclamation using Construction Waste in Gaza Strip

2015: Ghada Abdel Rahman. Evaluation of the Effect of Water Management Interventions on Water Level of Gaza Coastal Aquifer

2015: Hassan Al-Najjar. Numerical modeling of brine disposal from Gaza central seawater desalination plant


Undergraduate Research

2016: Nour Bardawil, Dina Awwad. North-South National Water Carrier modeling and optimization.

2014: Mohamed Mashharawi, Khalil Darwish, Ismail Insiwi, Abdullah Alakhsham. Hydraulic modeling and calibtration of water distribution. The research has got Saqqa and Khudari SAK Prize.

2013: Manar Abu Aisha, Isra Abu Shaban, Reem Alghusaien, Mariam Almsader, Ayat Albatniji. Potential of renewable energy use in Gaza Strip. The research has got Hijawi Prize, Arab-American University in Jenin.

2013: Mohamed Sager, Yousef Alghemri, Mahmoud Ghazal, Mohamed Abdalaal. Design of SWRO desalination plant.

2013: Hasan Shehada. Development of offshore airport.

2012: Hassan El-Sinwar, Osama El-Dahoudi, Yousef Hammad, Almonther Alhamidi. Microbial water quality and environmental conditions in coastal recreational water of Gaza.

2012: Alaa Awwad, Asma El-Sinwar, Iman Madhi, Hala El-Za'aneen. Environmental impact assessment for the proposed fishery port of Khanyounis.

2011: Omar Matter, Rashad Alhourani, Samir Matter, Ibrahim Alshiekh. Mitigation measures for Gaza shoreline erosion. The research has got IUG Prize.

2011: Ahmed A. Yousef, Mohamed Jabir, Ahmed A. Zbaida, Abdalqader Said. Design of the sewage system for Al-shouka town.