Advanced Steel Design

M.Sc program in Design and Rehabilitation of Structures
Advanced Design of Steel Structures
Instructor: Dr Mamoun Alqedra, Tel: 082644400 ext:2810, email:
Course Scope:
The course is intended for graduate students to learn advanced topics in the design of steel structures using the Load Resistance Factor Design (LRFD) approach. This course covers knowledge in Philosophies of design, principles of LRFD, design of tension, compression and beam elements, design of beam-column elements, design of connections, composite construction, plate girders, plastic analysis and design of structures, truss structures, framed structures. Depending on time, other topics relating to advanced behavior and design of metal structures will be presented.
Text Book and References
·         AISC (2005). Manual of Steel Construction – Load and Resistance Factor Design, Third
      Edition, American Institute of Steel Construction, Chicago, IL.
·         Segui, WT. Steel Design, Fourth Edition, Thomson Brooks/Cole, 2007.
·         Salmon, C.G. and Johnson, J.E. (1996). Steel Structures: Design and Behavior,
     Emphasizing Load and Resistance Factor Design, 4th Edition, Harper College Publishers,
      New York, NY.
·         Jack C. McCormac, James K. Nelson. (2002), Structural Steel Design LRFD Method, 3rd Edition, Prentice Hall.
Course Outline
Chapter 1: Review-Design of basic steel elements (tension, compression, simple
                  connections, beams, beam columns)
Chapter 2: Design of steel connections
Chapter 3: Composite construction
Chapter 4: Design of plate girders.
Chapter 6: Plastic analysis and design of steel structures
Chapter 7: Design of steel truss structures
Chapter 8: Design of steel framed structures
Teaching Methods
The topics in the course will be presented using the overhead and LCD projector and the traditional lecture format. Students are encouraged to attend lectures to ensure that they appreciate what material is considered to be most important. At the beginning, groups of two students will be given a design project to review the principles of the basic design of steel structures taken in the undergraduate level. Then, projects will be asked in parallel with the progress of the teaching.
Assessment of Learning
The final grade will be assigned as follows:
          Course works:                   20 %
          Mid Term Exam:              30%
          Final Examination:           50%






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