Membership in Professional Associations

  • Member of the Engineers Syndicate, Gaza

  • Arbitrator at the Engineering Arbitration Center (2010-present)

  • Member of the Arab and international commission to build Gaza  (2009-present)

  • Member of the Palestinian German association for academic (2009-2013)

  • Member of International Association of Bridge and Structure Engineering IABSE

  • Member of Committee for using new construction materials in buildings, the ministry of housing and public works (2008).

  • Head of the Board for engineering material testing laboratory (2013-presnt). 

  • Member  of  Committee  for  evaluation  of  the  Gaza  building  against earthquakes,  the  ministry  of  housing  and  public works (2011).

  •  Board  member  of  the  Al-Mustaqbal  research  centre  for  strategic  studies (2007-2012)

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