Advanced Foundation Engineering





Department of Civil Engineering


ECIV 5352 Advanced Foundation Eng.

Semester: Full 2012-2013




Lectures:      Prof. Dr. Mohamed Awad

                        Office: B233

                        Phone: 2860700

                        Office Hours:  On the Schedule————-



Total Credits: 3 credit hours, 3 credit-hours-Lectures .


 Course Description: The course deals with the following topics: Soil infiltration, foundation  behaviour, Lateral earth pressure, pile foundation.


Prerequisite: Strength of  Materials, Soil Mechanics, Foundation Engineering.



Internet , library, Principles of Foundation Engineering, by Braja Das ,Foundation analysis and Design, by J. E. Bowles, Pile Foundation , Ismet Ordemir


Course Aims:

 Aim at the creation of new and original information in advanced foundation engineering disciplines. Providing

  the principles that governs the engineering behavior of foundation.


the ability to determine the stresses beneath the foundations.

 the ability to design  foundation.


Course Intended Learning Outcomes (ILOs):

 ·      Knowledge of soil profile.

 ·      Knowledge of some special  field testing equipment.

 ·      Understanding of settlement distribution under footings.

 ·      Differentiation between elastic and rigid behaviour of shallow.

 ·      Design of foundations.

 ·      Specific attention is paid to national and regional research needs.


 Grading: Grades will be determined as Follows:

 Projects, Research Presentation             30%

 Homework , Quizzes,                


 Midterm,                                               20%

 Final                                                     50%

 Exam Dates – Midterm:   25/11/2012, ( 11.00- 12:30)

                                    Final:   03/01/2013,   (14:00-16:00)


 Course Outlines

 1-.Pile Foundation, Negative Skin Friction, Bearing Capacity of Pile Groups, Settlement Of Pile Groups, Lateral resistance of vertical piles, Batter Piles, Loads  on piles.

2-  Footings Subjected Moments About Both Axis, Unsymmetrical Footings.

3- Braced Cuts, Earth Pressure Against Bracing Systems, Stability of Braced Cuts.

4- Dewatering and Drainage Infiltration.

5- Slope Stability, Reinforced Retaining Wall Stability, 

6- Structural Rigidity in Calculating Settlements.


7- Elastic Method for Analyzing Combined footings:Method of elastic line,Method of successive approximation.

 8- Environmental Geotechnology :Landfill liners, Geosynthetics, Geotextiles, Recent advances in the liver systems, General comments

9- Reinforced Concrete Design of Common Types of Footings And Pile Cap

Anchorage  Design: Anchor plate, Anchor pile ,Mass concrete block.


Policies: Students are  encouraged to discuss homeworks with their peers. There is to be no “sharing” of solutions. Any plagiarism or cheating will result in an automatic failing in the course.



Lectures :

 Example For Pile Foundation

Mat Foundation.pdf

Structural Rigidity

Example for Structural Rigidity


Braced Cuts

Slope Stability

Chapter 18

Lesson 06-Chapter 6 Slope Stability.pdf

Cantilever Retaining Wall.pdf


elastic line .pdf

Method of elastic line

Mat Foundation


Loads for Designing Foundation

Cantilever Retaining Wall(1).pdf

Solution of mid Exam.pdf



Quiz Dad.pdf


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