Foundation Engineering




Department of Civil Engineering


ECIV 4352 Foundation Engineering



Semester: Full


Total Credits: 3 credit hours, 3 credit-hours-Lectures , 1 credit-hour-discussion


Course Description: The course deals with the following topics: Soil exploration, Shallow foundation, Lateral earth pressure, Soil improvements,pile foundation.


Prerequisite: Strength of  Materials, Soil Mechanics


Lectures:       Prof. Dr. Mohammed Awad


                        Office: B259


                        Phone: 2644400





Textbooks: Foundation Engineerining I, Ismet Ordemir,2018

Reference: Principles of Foundation Engineering, Braja Das,2016


Foundation analysis and Design, by J. E. Bowles,


Foundation Problems, by M. Awad.


Course Aims:


Aim at the creation of new and original information in all foundation engineering disciplines.


 the principles that governs the engineering behavior of foundation.


the ability to determine the stresses beneath the foundations.


the ability to design  foundation.


Course Intended Learning Outcomes (ILOs):


·      Knowledge of soil profile.


·      Knowledge of field testing equipment.


·      Understanding of  building load transferring.


·      Differentiation between shallow and deep foundations.


·      Dealing and using soil field and laboratory tests in order to find the required soil properties.


·      Design of foundations.


·      Specific attention is paid to national and regional research needs.


Grading: Grades will be determined as Follows:


Projects, Homework and Quizzes   10%




Skills (Research Presentation, ….)               30%


Midterm                                    20%


Final                                         40%


There will be homework assignments for each items of the course outline consisting of textbook  problems.




Exam Dates:  6/1/2019




Course Outlines


Introduction, soil exploration                                                       5


Loads on foundation                                                                  1


Shallow foundation, Bearing capacity                                          4


Isolated footings                                                                        2


Cantilever and combined footings                                               4


Mat foundation                                                                          6


Lateral earth pressure and sheet piles                                         6


Pile foundation                                                                          9


Soil improvements                                                                     3




Policies: Students are  encouraged to discuss homeworks with either teaching Asst. or their peers. There is to be no “sharing” of solutions. Any plagiarism or cheating will result in an automatic failing in the course.

Prof Ordamir Book


Retaining Wall


Sheet Piles 1


Sheet Piles 2


Sheet Piles 3


Sheet Piles 4


Soil improvement 1


Soil improvement 2


Soil improvement 3


1-Pile Load Capacity


2-Negative Skin Friction




4-piles groups




6-Load distribution-piles


7-Loading test-piles





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