ECIV 2331- Surveying I

Course Outline pdf

Total Credits: 3 credit hours, 2 credit hours. Lectures (Theory), 1 credit hour lab work


Course Description: The course is intended to cover the basic principles of plane surveying and its importance. These principles include tape surveying, leveling, angle measurements and determination of areas and volumes. This course is important in locating and describing property boundaries and in preparation of maps associated with engineering projects.


Prerequisite: Calculus A (Math A 1401)


Lecturer:        Dr. Maher A. El-Hallaq

                        Office: Adminstration Building, B, Room B247

                        Phone: 286-0700 ext. 2826



Teaching Assistant: Eng. Abdallah M. El-Saidy


Textbooks: Surveying for Civil Engineers, 2006 ed., By Najeh Tamim

                    Surveying, 6th ed., By Bannister, Raymond and Baker



Surveying, 6th ed., By Francis H. Moffitt

Elementary Surveying, 6th ed., By Brinker.


Course Aims:

  • Understanding the basic principles of  plane surveying.
  • Being  familiar with the basic tools and surveying equipment.
  • Practicing field training related to engineering applications.
  • Acquiring some skills that help students in their future work.



Computer Usage: Students are encouraged to use the computer in writing reports, drawing maps and analyzing feild data. Special software is also used in most of the surveying applications.


Grading: Grades will be determined as Follows:

Fieldwork and Homework        15%

Midterm Exam                         30%

Final Exam                               55%


Course Outlines:

Introduction: Surveying def., importance, history, types and scale.

Tape Surveying: Equipment used, tape surveying process, mapping details, chaining obstacles, errors in chaining and their correction.

Leveling: Basic principles, equipment used for differential leveling, setting up a level, preciprocal leveling and leveling applications.

Angle Measurements: Horizontal, vertical and zenith angles, bearing and back bearing, elements of an angle-measuring instrument, setting up the theodolite and theodolite uses.

Areas and Volumes: the planimeter, areas of regular figures, areas of irregular figures, volumes by different methods and mass-haul diagram.



Lab Work:



اسم التمرين

Training Title


قياس مسافة تزيد عن طول الشريط

Measuring a distance which is longer than the used tape length


رفع قطعة أرض خالية من البناء و إيجاد مساحتها

Mapping a piece of land which is free from buildings and measuring its area


طرق توقيع الأعمدة (إقامة وإسقاط) باستخدام أدوات القياس الطولية وبعض أجهزة المساحة البسيطة

Methods of setting out the perpendiculars (erection and dropping) by using linear measurement tools and some simple surveying devices


رفع مبنى باستخدام أدوات القياس الطولية

Mapping a building by using  linear measurement tools


التعرف على جهاز الميزانية (مكوناته, تثبيته، استخدامه)

The Level equipment (components, setting up and its use applications)


رفع مقطع طولي لشارع

Mapping a longitudinal section of a certain road


رفع خريطة كنتورية لقطعة أرض

Mapping a contour map for a piece of land by using grid method


التعرف على جهاز الثيودوليت (تثبيته، استخدامه)

The Theodolite device (Components, setting and uses)


تطبيقات على استخدام جهاز الثيودوليت

More applications of the Theodolite device (Tacheometry, measuring heights)


التعرف على جهاز البلانيميتر

The Planimeter device (Polar and Digital)