ECIV 2332- Surveying II

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 Total Credits: 3 credit hours, 2 credit hours. Lectures (Theory), 1 credit hour lab work


Course Description: This course is a contiuity to the previous course (Surveying I). It will introduce the student to some advanced principles of surveying. Special emphases will be made on Fieldwork and practical problems.


Prerequisite: Surveying I (ECIV 2331)


Textbooks: Surveying for Civil Engineers By Najeh Tamim, 2006

                    Surveying, 6th ed., By Bannister, Raymond and Baker



Surveying, 6th ed., By Francis H. Moffitt

Elementary Surveying, 6th ed., By Brinker.

Course Aims:

  • Understanding advanced principles of  traverse surveying.
  • Understanding advanced principles of  route surveying.
  • Understanding advanced principles of  photogrammetric surveying.
  • Being  familiar with advanced tools and equipments.
  • Practicing extensive field training related to engineering applications.
  • Aquiring some skills that help students at their future work.



Computer Usage: Students are encouraged to use the computer in writing reports, drawing maps and analyzing field data.


Grading: Grades will be determined as Follows:

Fieldwork and Homework        10%

Project                                    10%

Midterm Exam                         30%

Final Exam                               50%


Course Outlines:

Electronic Distance Measurement (EDM): Electro-optical instruments, microwave instruments, electromagnetic measurements and total station.

Coordinate Geometry and Traverse Surveying: Coordinate systems, bearings, horizontal control, traversing, intersection, resection and plane table.

Route Surveying: Horizontal curves: circular and transitional curves, vertical curves.

Horizontal control Surveys: Accuracy, basic principles, horizontal control and vertical control.

Hydrographic Surveying: Vertical control datums, horizontal control and sounding.

Photogrammetry: Aerial photogrammetry, true plan, vertical scale, air photogrammetry, survey flying, plotting and measurement, applications.