Assistant Professor: Mohammed Alhanjouri


July 27th, 2010 Comments off

Mohammed Ahmed Alhanjouri

Professor of AI & DSP Engineering

Islamic University of Gaza


Current Position:

Dean of Quality and Development



Office:B 534

Ext.: 1024



Brief Biography:

Dr. Mohammed Ahmed Alhanjouri received Bachelor of Electrical and Communications Engineering (honor) (1998), Master of Electronics Engineering (excellent) (2002), and Ph.D. in 2006. Alhanjouri has worked at Arab Academy for Science & Technology & Maritime Transport (Alex., Egypt) from 2002 to 2006. Then he worked as Assistant Professor, with responsibility: director of projects and research center, and head of computer Engineering department at Islamic University of Gaza, Palestine. Also he worked at University of Palestine as dean of library, then as head of Software Eng. Dept. Currently, he is serving as Associate Professor with responsibilities: Vice Dean of Quality and Development, Chairman of IT Affairs, and Director of Excellence and eLearning Center at Islamic University of Gaza.

His primary research interest is in the area of Artificial Intelligence. He also carries out research in many other areas such as: Advanced digital signal processing, Pattern recognition (Image and Speech), data mining, modern classification techniques (neural networks, Hidden Markov Models, Ant colony, Swarm Optimization and Genetic Algorithm).   v