C++ Programming Language

August 27th, 2016

EELE 2315

ECOM 2401


C++ Programming



This course provides an introduction to the C++ programming language for those with no prior programming experience. The course aims to teach the syntax and use of major constructs of the C language and will not focus on algorithmic design. Some of these constructs include: conditional statements, loops, functions, arrays, pointers and string.


Instructor: Prof. Mohammed Alhanjouri

Office: I 513 (IT Affairs)


Class Information



Saturday, Monday, and Wednesday

12:00 – 13:00



Saturday, Monday, and Wednesday




Text Book

daniel liang, Introduction to Programming with C ++, pearson prentice hall, 2007.


Grading System

Homework 10 on Moodle
Quizzes 10 Cumputerized on Moodle
Midterm 30 22 Octocer 2016
Final exam 50  
Total 100  


You will study the first part of text book that contents eight chapters



The MOODEL will be the main source of information for the course. All handouts, homework, and announcements will be posted. It is the student’s responsibility to download and print the necessary documents needed in the course.


Academic Policies

This course will follow the policies of the Islamic University of Gaza:


– Any cheating case will be seriously dealt with by the Instructor of the course, the Department Head and the Academic Affairs at the University.


– Students are not allowed to absent more than 25% of the classes.