Engineering Optimization

April 28th, 2014


 ECOM6302 Engineering Optimization (Graduate Level) g

Description:  g

This course describes that: Functions of a Single Variable, Functions of Several Variables, Linear Programming, Constrained Optimality Criteria, Transformation Methods, Constrained Direct Search, Linearization Methods for Constrained Problems, Direction Generation Methods Based on Linearization, Quadratic Approximation Methods for Constrained Problems, Structured Problems and Algorithms.  f

Prerequisite: MATH 2401, Differential Equations and Linear Algebra
Lectures: f
   Lecture1.pdf Introduction to Optimization            
Lecture2.pdf Functions of a Single Variable-part1            
Lecture3.pdf Functions of a Single Variable-part2            
All Other material will be uploaded at the MOODLE            
Additional Useful Material: G
Examples of problems that solved by optimization